Theta Capital Presents:
The Satellite View

Theta Capital’s Satellite View presents bold predictions from leading experts, with updates on the blockchain industry, investment opportunities, themes and strategies.

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Insights and outlooks from Blockchain’s leading experts:

“Crypto will reach a billion users”
Diana Biggs, Partner at 1kx

“We’ll see over 10,000 layer 2s deployed in 2024”
Nick White, COO at Celestia

“Stablecoin settlement run rate will exceed 30% of the volume of ACH
(bank-to-bank money transfers) by end of 2024″
Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner, Dragonfly

“If we as a fund have a helicopter view, then Theta has a satellite view because they basically get the best intel.”
– Lasse Clausen, Founding Partner at 1kx