Specialized, early, diversified.
Providing access to the very best Web3 protocols and companies
at their earliest private round valuations
This is the core of

Theta Blockchain Ventures

Theta Blockchain Ventures

Is the leading fund of funds program for crypto-native venture capital

First mover
Dedicated focus on investing in crypto-native VCs since 2017

Broadly diversified
Capturing the top companies and protocols across all geographies and vehicles

Unrivalled access
Top quality crypto-native VCs are many times oversubscribed and having access is key

Unique exposure
Seed-stage access across the space is extremely hard to assemble otherwise

Trusted manager
Theta Capital Management has a 20 year history of investing in specialized managers

Knowledge sharing
Lots of educational events around our proposition: seminars, webinars and datarooms

Fully licensed
Theta Fund Management is the first AIFMD-licensed manager in the space

Ahead of the curve
Open minded and pro-active developing with the industry

Attractive fees
In addition to low manager fees, TBV negotiates fee discounts and special shareclasses to minimize fee layer

Theta Blockchain Ventures

A strategy to capture the top projects in Web3 at private seed-round valuations

Mar 2021
Dec 2021
Jul 2023

Theta Blockchain Ventures

Uniquely positioned in the blockchain VC space

Allocated to 40+ crypto native VCs

Exposure to >600 underlying projects at private seed stage

Deployed close to USD 500M in 2021 alone

Capturing 80%+ of the top quality projects in the space

Permissionless innovation with financial incentives results in an explosion of activity


Theta Blockchain Ventures captures >80% of the top quality projects across the space