Hedge Fund solutions and individual accounts

For 20 years, Theta has invested in hedge funds on behalf of clients through their fund of funds and individual account solutions. Our approach has translated to significant and consistent outperformance over time by targeting differentiated investments through hard to access hedge fund managers.

Theta Legends Fund

Invest with the world's best hedge fund managers

Legends Fund invests with a selection of the most successful and difficult to access hedge fund managers in the world.

Theta Distressed Credit Opportunities Pool (TDCOP)

Investing in global distressed opportunities

TDCOP offers a chance to earn high risk-adjusted & uncorrelated returns, allocating to specialist funds that focus on dislocated credit instruments and restructuring situations.

Theta Individual Accounts

Large end-investors with a long investment horizon

Theta Individual Accounts offer ownership, control and full transparency and can be tailored to an individual investor’s needs and preferences.