Theta Legends Fund

Strategy & Implementation

The Fund aims to achieve consistent high absolute returns on investment, irrespective of the direction of comparable publicly traded securities, i.e. to have limited correlation to general market risks. The Fund’s portfolio will contain participations in between 10 and 20 hedge funds with no single investment in a fund representing 20% or more of the book value of the Fund Assets at cost. Diversification is sought through the underlying markets, securities, investment strategies, trading styles and regions, rather than the number of hedge funds.

Theta Distressed Credit Opportunities Pool

Strategy & Implementation

TDCOP will allocate to 4-8 specialist managers at any time, depending on the evolving opportunity set, with a focus on investing in dislocated credit instruments and distressed debt and restructuring opportunities. TDCOP will allocate to managers in the structured credit, corporate and sovereign credit space in both developed and emerging markets that have the experience and infrastructure to capitalize on the increased volatility and dispersion in markets as well as anticipated restructurings and liquidations.

Attractive investment opportunities have been limited for distressed debt managers in recent years. We have used this period to secure capacity with the best managers who have been closed to new capital but are now opening up to capitalize on the suddenly vastly expanded opportunity set. TDCOP is expected from time to time offer co-investment opportunities when our specialist managers find attractive investments that due to sizing or liquidity constraints do not fit the flagship strategy.